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There’s nothing I like more than a productive and successful Wednesday!  I managed to fit in doing FOUR loads of laundry, washing dishes, getting my driver’s license renewed, filling up the car with gas, going for a 4-mile walk, and studying for an ample amount of time all before 3pm.  Now THAT’S productivity! 🙂

This morning started out at 6am with a bowl of Kashi U topped with unsweetened almond milk and an organic banana on the side.


After breakfast, I walked over to Starbucks to get my morning cup of caffeine.  I was slightly disappointed when I found out that they were out of soymilk for my usual “inch of steamed soy” topper, but I can live with black coffee every one in a while.


Sans soy topper…


I needed to get my driver’s license renewed this week, so I headed out to the local DMV, forewarned that it can get pretty busy there and therefore be a long wait.  When I arrived, I couldn’t help but get a few butterflies just from seeing this sign:


AHHH!!!  SO glad I did NOT have to take another one of those again… fortunately renewing your driver’s license doesn’t require another test!  That was such a nerve-wracking day 3 years ago when I had my own Driver’s Test, although it ended up being completely uneventful and I passed with flying colors my first try. Do you have any crazy stories from your own Driver’s Test? 

The whole process probably only took about 45 minutes, so I was pretty happy with the DMV’s efficiency.  

One of my latest and greatest finds from Whole Foods is this fabulous shredded cheese alternative by Daiya.  The one here is cheddar style, but Whole Foods also carries a mozzarella that is equally delicious.


I usually spread out a layer on a wrap (this is a Food for Life Brown Rice Tortilla)…


… and top with organic greens.


With organic carrots, a peach activia light, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.


Today was an absolutely gorgeous Spring day, so I headed out for a post-lunch 4-mile walk on the Bike Path wearing only crops and a hoodie.  I’m really hoping the warmth is here to stay – I’m ready to end any sort of treadmill usage until next winter!

Now it’s back to studying Environmental Geology.  Got to love those General Education Requirements. ;)  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!  









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  1. i’m hoping the warmth is here to stay too. i am so over anything remotely cold! plus warm = productive because i don’t want to bury myself under the covers.

  2. Hi Heather! I was so happy to see your comment and find you back to blogging. Hope all is good with you! I like the cheese shreds – wish I had a Whole Foods! xoxo

  3. I’m old enough to take my drivers test in my state, now, but am terrified! On a happier note, I really want to try Daiya. I keep seeing it at Whole Foods but don’t want to commit to a whole bag since I don’t know if I even like cheese anymore (I’m vegan) haha. I’m sure it would be lovely in a wrap with a healthy dose a greens like you did, though.

    Have a lovely day!

  4. im so jealous of your weather!! and Daiya!! im dying to try that but they dont sell it in the UK 😦

  5. Geez, I got butterflies just looking at that sign through the computer! I remember when I took my test..I couldn’t turn on my turn signal. He kept saying “Left light” and I thought he meant to turn on one headlight at a time, not the signal!

  6. […] evening’s plans are to get started studying for a Psych Stats mid-term that’s coming up.  Productivity certainly isn’t a bad thing! […]

  7. […] YES!  The steamed soy topper returns… I can only live with so much black coffee. […]

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