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March 18, 2011 at 7:04 pm | Posted in Review | 6 Comments
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So I went down to my apartment lobby and got my mail this evening and found a cute note from my mom for St. Patrick’s Day.  My mom likes to take advantage of every possible holiday to send me some motherly love – I think it’s adorable.  Love that woman! 🙂

At the end of the note, I noticed a handwritten caption for the leprechaun stationary:



The offending leprechaun looking quite pleased with himself…


If only he knew that my mom was after him… 😉


Moving on to more practical matters…

Post-walk this afternoon, I grabbed an Honest Tea that I had bought at Whole Foods last weekend – Pomegranate Red Tea.



I’ve become more and more a fan of tea as I try all the fantastic flavors that are out there!  Plain green tea, for example, is definitely NOT my thing; but spice it up with cinnamon or a fruity flavor and I’m all over it!

Therefore, I was definitely digging this Honest Tea!  Perfect afternoon refreshment.

On to study PSYCH!










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  1. heather, your mom is too cute! haha

  2. Haha, that sounds like my mom … gotta love it! 🙂

    I’m a huge fan of Honest Tea! They have such a great variety too.

    Have a great weekend 😀

  3. Aww, your mom is adorable! Love that note!

  4. Aww, my mom is the exact same way. She used to leave little Valentines for us in our drawers on Valentines Day or make big signs in the living room for our birthdays.

    Moms are the coolest. hehe

  5. How sweet that your mom sends you holiday cards! Her message about the leprechaun is too funny.

    That tea sound really good. Honest Tea has some of the best flavors.

  6. I love Honest Tea — it’s perfectly sweetened, but not too sweet.

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