Time to Celebrate!

March 28, 2011 at 4:54 pm | Posted in Lunch, Review, Snack | 13 Comments
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DONE!!!!!!!  My absolute college insanity of studying/mid-terms/essays/exams is officially over… until finals. Let the celebration begin!!!

I had 2 exams today – Design Fundamentals and Statistics – and I could tell they both went VERY well.  Now it’s time to relax, finally get some sleep, and get caught up on life in general!  I already have a 3 coffee get-togethers with 3 different friends set up this week, so I’m definitely getting back to the social side of life. 


I was having a discussion with Matt from The Athlete’s Plate yesterday about Eros Organic Greek Yogurt, a new Greek yogurt available at Whole Foods.  We both agreed that although its creamy texture is fabulous, the taste is a bit off… almost plastic-y.  Nonetheless, the creaminess makes up for the taste and it ends up being totally addicting, so of course I had to have one last night as a snack! 😉



Have you tried the new Eros yogurt yet?

For lunch today, I broke out the new Yogurt Cheese I got at Trader Joes the last time I was there. 


Fact: I eat about 3 yogurts a day and tend to avoid all other dairy products, so I figured “Yogurt” Cheese had to be up my ally. 😉

Layered on a Food for Life Gluten Free Tortilla with organic spinach and organic romaine.


With organic cucumbers, activia light, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.


The cheese was delicious!!!  The taste reminded me of a cross between Farmer’s Cheese and Provolone.  And as far as texture and whatnot, I didn’t notice any difference from regular cheese.  I’ll definitely be buying again!


I’m going to be relaxing the rest of my evening and calling it an early night!  Hope everyone is having a super fabulous Monday!










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  1. You eat a lot of yogurt! I am a “one a day” kinda guy 😉

  2. YES!! Definitely time to celebrate!! Ohhh I love the week after midterms/finals. Usually because it measn there’s a break, but also because the tests are DONE! Which is the most important fact. 🙂

  3. The yogurt cheese looks so yum! Celebrate for sure girl! Good for you!

    Hope your night is fab! xo

  4. yay, congrats on being done!! ENJOY YOUR BREAK ❤

  5. I haven’t tried that yogurt….gosh I keep looking at it. Is it worth it, even with the plastic taste?
    I made yogurt cheese today with a strainer! tre’delish!
    that end-of-exams feeling is superb!

  6. That cheese sounds super neat!!

    CONGRATS on being done–CELEBRATE IT GIRL!!

  7. WOh yogurt cheese? even tho i couldnt eat the yogurt or that yogurt cheese.. that iss very unique!!

  8. So green and yummmy. You make me want a delicious salad.

  9. Oh interesting! I havent tried that cheese yet. I’ll have to be on the lookout for it. Congrats too! yey! I hope you have a super relaxing break hon!

  10. CONGRATS! eros: sweet irony in the name for the euphoria you must be feeling right now

  11. I want to try that yogurt cheese!
    Enjoy your break 🙂

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