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March 29, 2011 at 1:16 pm | Posted in Breakfast, Dinner | 15 Comments
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It’s so nice to feel RELIEF and just get back to the usual daily events and tasks instead of studying my life away!  Yes, I still have a lot of reading and schoolwork to stay caught up on, but nothing I can’t handle. 🙂

By the time I made it through the 2 exams I had yesterday, I looked and felt like I just ran a marathon.  It’s amazing all the energy that gets drained out of you when you’re under intense stress!  So I was definitely in the mood for something simple, quick, and classic once I got back to my apartment…

Toasted Ezekiel Gluten Free English Muffins topped with Trader Joe’s Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter and organic cherry fruit spread.


With organic carrots and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.


I had a serious laughing attack last night watching the Jersey Shore Cast on Silent Library on MTV.  Seriously, the one with Ron and the punching TV is HILARIOUS.

I got 8 hours of sleep in last night, which hasn’t happened in about 2 weeks, and it felt SO good!  This morning I was ready to go at 6:30am with a bowl of Nature’s Path Optimum Blueberries and Cinnamon with unsweetened almond milk and an organic banana on the side for breakfast.


Today has been pretty laid back, which is just what I needed.  I’m going to a yoga class this evening AND teaching a class later on.  Tomorrow I’m catching up with a couple of friends over coffee and can’t wait to get back to having a social life again! 

What do you like to do once you’re done with a stressful workload?









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  1. Boy do I remember the school exhaustion thing. I remember having a “brain dump” on the way home from exams. It’s like my brain needed to unload all the extra info!! Mental exhaustion aint no fun!

  2. I know how exhausting school can be! Thank God I am graduating in a month!

  3. ahh im sure you are exhausted! i dont have quite your load yet– something to look forward too-woo!

  4. After every midterm and final, I come home, have a snack, and hit the gym. It feel SO good to have nothing on your mind, rock-out to music and sweat! I love it!

  5. Glad your exams are OVER!! I have been going to bed late and getting up early, I think I’m about due for 8 hours of sleep myself!

    Hope your enjoy your social life once again, ha 😉

  6. AMEN love, about how draining stress can be!!! so glad its over- time to relax sugar!

  7. I like to VEG. IN MY BED. comfort food, a good movie, and a big pillow to cuddle with is all i need after a mentally draining period

  8. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. or drink. maybe in the reverse order though hahah!

  9. A relaxing run and red wine is a must after a stressful work load!

  10. So glad you’re back in normal life mood instead of school mode. It’s crazy how stressful and exhausting school can be. Even when it’s summer, sometimes I think I’m forgetting to do homework before remembering I’m not taking any classes haha. Enjoy your social life and sleep!

  11. 8 hours of sleep a night! I’m so jealous..

  12. a good night’s sleep can totally make you feel like a brand new woman!

  13. The stress monster is a killer!!!! A good nights sleep will make all the difference!

  14. There’s NOTHING like a good night’s sleep, seriously.

    Oh and fresh eats, too 😉

  15. Time to relax! I graduated college awhile but never had to take summer classes. Could be fun though! Love the sweet potato action. Have an awesome day!

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