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My Wednesday was eventful to say the least!  I was on the go almost all day, and had quite a few adventures along the way… foodie and otherwise. So let’s dive right in!

Lunch was absolutely incredible today – I had a Food for Life Gluten free Tortilla topped with raw Wild Wood super firm tofu (yes, I do enjoy eating my tofu raw), organic spinach, organic mache, and organic sliced red peppers.



With sliced organic cucumbers, light activia, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.



After my Design Studies lecture this afternoon, I stopped into the grocery store to grab a few staples.

  • Smartwater (yes, I was thirsty… I didn’t just buy it with one bottle missing ;))
  • Paper towel (aka napkins in my world)
  • Food for Life Brown Rice Gluten Free Tortillas
  • organic green beans
  • organic mangos
  • organic kiwi


  • Fage 0% Greek yogurt
  • Synergy Kombucha
  • activia light



Later this afternoon, I was walking back from my Psych Stats class and had just gotten into the door of my apartment when I noticed a hornet on my bright yellow Victoria’s Secret PINK crops.  Of course, my first reaction was to hit the darn thing off me!  Unfortunately, the hornet took that moment to sting me.

*Insert  “scream, collapsing in shock onto the floor, tears, and a panicked phone call to my mom asking what I should do”  here.*

God, hornet stings are PAINFUL!  I think the shock was what really got me, because I tend to be decently pain-tolerant, but it was still pretty bad. 

I iced it right away:

(realizing now how awkward this photo looks… yes, my leg is up on my kitchen counter… I am a yogi after all ;))

This was taken about 5 minutes after the sting:


Within 30 minutes, the bulls-eye lessened and a 3-inch diameter bright red circle appeared around it with more swelling.  The pain is much better now (4 hours later), but I STILL feel it!  CRAZY!

I still had to walk 2 miles to get to my Geology Discussion, so that was quite a trip given that the sting happened 30 minutes before.  I brought an ice pack along with me to class and told my TA I should get extra credit for my effort… he just laughed. Little did he know I wasn’t kidding. 😉


Given THAT whole situation, I wanted something totally simple for dinner after discussion, so I decided to stop into a coffee shop near my apartment and get a “Deluxe Hummus Plate” that I had been eyeing up every time I got coffee there in the morning.

Here’s what they gave me:  Warmed and slightly toasted pita triangles, goat cheese, kalamata olives, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, and a HUGE tub of hummus.


Here’s what I ended up with:  I nixed the olives (I can’t stand kalamata olives!), and added in some organic carrots and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.



This was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while!  It’s been FOREVER since I’ve had hummus and this was delicious.  The pitas were AMAZING… soft, warm, ever-so-slightly toasted.  HEAVENLY!  I’ll definitely be stopping back to get this again soon!


After dinner, I wanted to make the most of the warm weather while it’s still here, so I went out for a 4 mile walk along Lakeshore Path.  It was getting windy and a little chilly by the time I got back, but the walk itself was perfect!

I have a little more schoolwork to do, then I’m calling it a night.  I’m exhausted from all of today’s events and need to catch up on some shut-eye!

Have you ever been stung by a hornet?










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  1. Are you on a Kombucha a day kick? Seems like 😉

    Sorry about the sting!

    • I’ve actually drank one a day for MONTHS until these last couple weeks or so! Long story, but now it’s back in daily! 🙂

      • You know I have time for stories 😉

  2. WOW- the hummus is huge, love it!

  3. ouch! i was stung by a hornet once when i worked at a garden center. and it hurt soooooooooo bad. luckily one of my coworkers had this spray that took the sting away almost immediately. but ouch!

  4. Oh no sorry about the hornet sting! I can’t imagine how much that would have hurt. I’ve only been stung by a bee once and that hurt enough. At least you have that huge tub of hummus to cheer you up!

  5. Thankfully, I’ve never been stung by a hornet, but I’ve been stung by regular old bees twice, both when I was seven. The first one was right by my eye and the other one decided it would be fun to crawl up my shorts and make its mark in a more secluded area. Very, very awkward! I hope your sting heals soon 🙂

  6. Paper towels are napkins in my house as well! 😉

    I think I would freak out if a hornet stung me too, ouch!!! Ha, I must say though, I love that leg on the counter picture. Before I read the part where you explained it, I was thinking “It looks like her leg is on the kitchen counter, that’s totally something I would do”.

    Hope tomorrow is a little less eventful!

  7. You are on the almond milk kick– love it, hehe 🙂

  8. […] also want to thank everyone for the sympathy on my hornet’s bite on Wednesday.  I have a mild allergic reaction to the string – just making it a little […]

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