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April 15, 2011 at 12:06 pm | Posted in Lunch, Snack | 7 Comments
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My world has been a slightly hectic the last couple of days, but I’m spreading everything out and getting done everything I need to in an orderly fashion. 🙂

Yesterday, I created a Facebook Page for Health, Happiness, and Hope.  Be sure to check it out and “like” it!

I also want to thank everyone for the sympathy on my hornet’s bite on Wednesday.  I have a mild allergic reaction to the string – just making it a little swollen and red – but nothing serious! 


Between classes, schoolwork, yoga, and blog work, my Thursday flew by!  Mid-afternoon, I took a break for a snack:

Strawberry Serenity Synergy Kombucha, organic nectarine, organic red pear, and a Siggi’s Icelandic style yogurt.



I woke up at 5:30am this morning to get a good start on notes for a paper I’m writing this weekend before I had to head to my Design Studies studioCoffee?  Yes please! 🙂


Instead of our usual Design Studies studio, today we went on a walking tour of the Madison campus to look at the architecture of the buildings.  Normally, this would be awesome; however it was 35*F with a wind advisory, and walking 2 hours in that kind of weather isn’t quite ideal.  It was hilarious when all of our worksheets (and US for that matter) almost blew away in the crazy wind!

That said, I was absolutely chilled and freezing cold when I got back to my apartment!  I think my morning coffee would have worked better post-walk. 😉


Lunch today was a Food for Life gluten-free Tortilla topped with Wild Wood raw tofu, organic spinach, and organic mache.



With organic green beans, activia light, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.


Classic for me, and FABULOUS!


This afternoon I’m meeting up for coffee/tea with my cousin whom I haven’t seen in over a year!  We were best friends when we were little and I absolutely love her.  We’ll have a lot to catch up on!

Happy Friday everyone!!!











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  1. OK I’m totally getting some Siggi’s soon. So good!

    And mache. Love that stuff!

  2. starbucks is the perfect start to a friday 🙂 enjoy your coffee/tea date!

  3. I think you win the award for the most “green” in your lunch today!!!

  4. Seems like everyone’s creating a FB page just these past two days. 😛 I’ll definitely like it! I have one, too..but haven’t put much attention to it honestly. I should probably spiffy it up some. 😛

  5. Lame about the hornet sting! i got my very first (and second, two seconds after) wasp/ bee stings about a year ago, and I was so afraid I was going to find out I had an allergy and was going to have to go to the hospital or something. I’m sort of a hypochondriac. Nope, they just stung for a few hours and then itched for about 3 days. Vinegar and baking soda helped?

  6. 35*F with a wind advisory = why i could never live there!

    take care of that bite and off to check out your FB page 🙂

  7. that is a whopping load of spinach!!! iron girl!

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