Time for a Change

April 22, 2011 at 5:52 pm | Posted in Other, Yoga | 15 Comments

The past few days have been a whirlwind for me – stomach flu,  scheduling, last-month-of-classes schoolwork, and just SO much going on lately that I’ve barely had time to sit down and think, let alone relax and unwind.  This weekend is going to be another crazy one, but I’m sure I’ll make it through. 🙂

Although I’m a master (or so I’d like to believe ;)) at prioritizing, that doesn’t mean that I don’t ever get stressed or upset.  In fact, I tend to hold a lot of that in and it creates a lot of tension for me physically and mentally.  As I’m sure you all know, I’m a easygoing, happy, positive, energetic person in general, but even the most positive people can run into moments of stress! 

One major goal I’ve decided to commit to is going to more slower-style yoga classes to hopefully help with tension.  I am a Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher and absolutely love pounding out a hardcore, 90 minute, 90*F, Baptiste-style yoga class for my own practice as well.  That said, there’s something to say about other styles of yoga; each has it’s own benefits and contributes in different ways to our well-being.  I took quite a few slower classes last summer – Slow Flows, Mindful Flows, Gentle Yoga, Yin, Chakra Flows, etc. – along with my normal Power Flows and I really did notice the difference in my overall health!  The variation of focuses (relaxing/restorative vs. strengthening/cardio) was incredible to experience!

It’s going to take some work to fit the slower classes into my schedule and stick to a style that isn’t what I’m used to, but I know the effort will be well worth it and have a very positive, lasting impact! 


In other news… this weekend is EASTER!!!  My mom, the present-sending fairy, picked out some very “me” presents:


Victoria’s Secret PINK sleep shirt and shorts, a sweet card, and an ink cartridge (yes, I’m always running out of these).

She also included the receipt… she knows I’m specific. ;)  But I must say she did an incredible job this time!


No big weekend plans for me since I have a lot to get caught up on!  It will feel good to get it all accomplished though!  How are you celebrating Easter, if at all?










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  1. Happy [almost] Easter!! 🙂 Great present from you mom! Easter for me will include church, then eating a delicious potluck-style Easter brunch with some friends afterwards.

  2. Aw your mom rocks! I love the VS goodies. I’m not doing much this weekend, the bf has to work 😦

  3. I was hoping you would post your Easter gifts after seeing your tweet 🙂 LOVE!

    I get very stressed out with school, planning, organizing etc and I find slow relaxing yoga to be so beneficial!

  4. i got that same card the other day 🙂 enjoy easter! i’m staying home. but mostly because i just left my mom’s house on tuesday

  5. Have a Happy Easter! It’s just my husband and I this year because we are in Chi-town and our family is in NJ. Church in the A.M and then we are going to try a restaurant that we haven’t been to yet for dinner :0)

  6. I’m currently teaching beginning hatha yoga bnut have been incorporating certain power moves, only modified for them since I actually like power yoga much more..but it is nice to actually relax during yoga, too!

  7. Do you have anything else to share? LOL.

  8. I also have a strong tendency to opt for the faster paced yoga classes, but have found that if that is all I do there is large aspect of my yoga practice that is missing. Doing the slower classes is actually more of a mental challenge and can often yield greater flexibility for me. I also find that if I am truly listening to my body that it wants to have slower days and it is important to listen to that.

    I hope you are feeling better soon! Stomach flu is nasty!

  9. I think it’s a great idea to take some slower yoga classes to relieve stress. I love power yoga classes too, but there’s something to be said for that relaxed feeling after a slower class.

    How sweet of your mom to send you an Easter package! No Easter plans for me, just some homework and maybe a movie.

  10. I’m just like you–I master prioritizing (or so I try!) but I still get overwhelmed at times. I think taking some slower classes is a great idea!! If you take Yin, I really wanna hear what you think about it!

  11. Oh wait, you HAVE taken Yin..how did you like it?!

    • It was a little tough to stay in the poses for about 3-5 minutes at a time, but I really liked how I was FORCED to learn to relax or I would have never been able to stay in them. I remember I got a foot cramp when I took Half Pigeon and was basically tortured for 5 minutes haha! 😉 It’s definitely worth checking out, but be prepared that there’s basically no flow and a lot of endurance needed.

  12. Your mom knows whats up! Love the PINK stuff!!

    Happy Easter love to you!! xoxo ❤

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