Happy Bunny Day!

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Happy Easter (or Bunny Day, or Chocolate Day, or whatever the you want to call it if you don’t celebrate Winking smile) everyone!!!

My Easter is pretty much a normal, busy Sunday for me!  One fabulous thing I managed to fit in today was the first 6-mile walk out to Picnic Point of the year.  I seriously needed that to clear my mind, and I ended up sitting out on the peninsula by the water for a while and it was SO relaxing.  There’s very little wind today, which isn’t typical for Madison, it’s in the mid-50*F’s, and the sun is shining. PERFECT!


A few weeks ago I had bought some Millet Bread at the grocery store (FYI, it took me forever to make that arrow in Paint Winking smile).


I finally brought it out a few night ago and tried it out.



With Trader Joe’s Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter = BEYOND AMAZING!


Seriously, this bread is so good!!!  It has almost a buttery taste, and it dense, filling, and spongy in the best ways possible.  Totally worth checking out yourself!


This morning I got a lot accomplished in the way of another 10-page essay I’m working on for my Intro to Cultures of Asia class.  The essays are instead of finals/mid-terms, so I really can’t complain!  And it spaces all my studying out by having this class done before finals.  I got about 1/3 of the essay done by lunchtime!

When I took my lunch break, I put together a wrap with a Food for Life Brown Rice Tortilla, Tofurky, organic spinach, and organic mixed herb salad.


With sliced organic cucumbers, an activia light, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.



Right after lunch, I went out for my walk which was fabulous! Smile Now I’m headed out on my balcony to do some studying…


Love it when I can do that OUTSIDE!










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  1. That arrow deserves a award girl!! You worked hard on it!

    Happy Easter!

    Millet Bread is yum!!!

    xoxo ❤

  2. And who introduced you to that millet bread? 😉

    Happy Easter!

  3. Millet bread is so tasty! I’m totally envious of your balcony 😉

  4. Great arrow! I refuse to even open paint because I cannot draw a straight line and the whole time I am in the program I am searching in the “help” section!

    Happy Easter doll!

  5. lesson of the day: GET ME SOME MILLET BREAD!

  6. Happy Easter!!

    & that bread looks fantastic!

  7. I like your arrow! 🙂 It must be nice there! It’s nice here too, but it could get a little warmer for my likings 😉

  8. I definitely want to try some millet bread now!


  10. :)! I like the arrow! Glad you know how to make one now!

  11. love that bread, too!! So delicious.

    Happy Easter to you girl!

  12. That’s by far the most beautiful arrow I’ve ever seen. 😉 That bread sounds really good, too! I don’t think I’ve ever even seen millet bread before!

  13. Oh I can’t get Millet Bread in Ireland 😦
    Well done about getting some work done on your essay. It is so hard to get work done on the weekends.
    Good luck with the study and happy Easter 🙂

  14. perfect weather for the holiday. it was really nice here too 🙂

  15. hope you had a good Easter

  16. I’ve never had millet bread before but anything with pb wins my heart over 😀 Btw that is one rocking arrow 😉

  17. I’ve been wanting to try some gluten free breads like millet; I’m always just afraid I’m going to be stuck with the rest of the loaf if I don’t like it!

  18. Looove millet bread! Too bad it’s so dang expensive…but uh, worth it! Haha 🙂

    Happy Easter love!

  19. Happy Easter hon! Wow that bread sounds amazing. I always see it at Whole Foods and havent tried it yet. But I think you’ve convinced me! Im gonna have to give it a try=) It sounds so tasty! Have an amazing day!

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