When Sleep Just Isn’t Worth It

April 29, 2011 at 5:40 pm | Posted in Breakfast, Snack | 12 Comments
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Anyone else SO glad it’s FRIDAY???  Woohoo!  The weekend is almost here!

Granted, I have no special plans besides getting massive amounts of studying accomplished and going to bed at an obscenely early time tonight, but Friday’s just a fun day in and of itself. Winking smile


I only got 3.5 hours of sleep last night, but that’s nothing new and it was well worth it.  I have so much I need to get done every day planned out until May 12th (my last day of finals), and I need some time to relax, unwind, and just be me in that mix too!

I woke up half-asleep at 5:30am and had a bowl of Nature’s Path Optimum Blueberry Cinnamon Cereal topped with unsweetened almond milk and an organic banana on the side.


I’m pretty sure I looked exhausted pre-coffee this morning, but luckily I woke up and felt up to my normal high-energy self by my 8:50 class this morning.  We had a work day in my Design lab, so I actually brought my Geology books to class since that’s at the top of my list for studying right now. I got quite a bit done and it felt good to make a dent in my work!


The weather is BEAUTIFUL day – 60’s and sunny – so I headed outside for a walk right after lunch.  MUCH needed!

Before my Intro to Buddhism discussion this afternoon, I grabbed a quick snack to hold me over:  organic medjool dates, organic carrots, raw peanuts, and unsweetened almond milk.



My to-do list for tonight is reading a chapter in Geology, doing a yoga podcast, and then getting some Zzzzzz’s

Do you ever sacrifice sleep for something you deem “more important?”









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  1. Hang in there girly– I feel your pain, I’m currently undergoing the end- of- the- semester- cruelty 🙂 You’re doing great I’m sure and almost to the finish line!

    Scary how much our meals look alike. I had that *almost* exact snack today, except almonds and dried prunes instead, with carrots and almond milk:)

  2. Get some sleep!

  3. REST UP 😀

  4. Hey love! I have not been sleeping a lot either, due to mind running from the wedding! lol! Its worth it!

    Hope you get sleep this wknd! May 12th will be here so fast!!!

    xoxo ❤

  5. You can do it, Heather! Finals and end-of-the-semester projects and papers are stressful, but you’re almost there. Hope you got some good sleep last night!

  6. GIRL U NEEEDA SLEEEPP but seriously a walk sounds SO good right now! jealous!

  7. whenever I complain about being too busy my mom’s favorite line is “you’ll sleep when you’re dead”. It’s so true! Sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. 🙂

  8. This is what college is all about! Losing way too much sleep!

  9. It’s really hard for me to sacrifice sleep. Like pulling all nighters or something would be totally counter productive for me. I could cram all I want, but all the info will blow right out my head if I’m not running on a full night’s sleep!

  10. I lost alot of sleep thursday night, preparing for an interview and worrying, but it was totally worth it 🙂

  11. Honestly, I’m a sleep-a-holic! If I don’t get my 6-8 hours, I can become a very grumpy person!!! In college, I used to stay up quite late until I realized that the important stuff was listening in class and if I was tired, I wouldn’t get any of that important information. I started going to sleep at the same time nightly and it made the world of a difference for stress levels, etc. I swear by sleep 🙂 Good luck in finals!!

  12. […] you guys so much for all the support on my finals this week and next.  Last week was probably the busiest and craziest week of my life, and this […]

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