Two Down, Three to Go!

May 5, 2011 at 9:52 am | Posted in Dinner, Review | 16 Comments
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Finals are in full swing!  I had my Design Studies exam yesterday, and finished my 10-page essay for Intro to Asia that counts as our final exam last night.  I have 3 more left – one on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday – and then I’m DONE with my Freshman year of college!!!  It feels like such a relief to have the first two accomplished, and I’m sure I’ll make it through the other 3 just fine!


With all the craziness of finals, I haven’t been all too creative with eats, but I did manage to make some FABULOUS sweet potato rounds a couple night ago…

Organic sweet potato rounds topped with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, with MaraNatha raw organic almond butter for dipping and a glass of unsweetened almond milk on the side.





I also recently tried out Living Harvest Hempmilk after Matt recommended it to me.  Now, I will say right away that Matt told me to get unsweetened, but my Whole Foods doesn’t carry unsweetened so I just had to make do with the original.


Honestly?  I wasn’t the biggest fan.  I’m not big on any sweetened milk product in general, and this hempmilk just had an “off” taste to me that could have been the sweetening or could have just been the milk itself.  That said, I’m always willing to try something new, and I’ve heard awesome things about hempmilk and its health benefits, so it’s totally worth a shot.  And I’ll obviously have to give the unsweetened version a try once I can get my hands on it!


Today’s agenda consists of a lot of studying and classes… can’t wait until I’m done in one week! Smile










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  1. I will totally hook you up with the UNSWEETENED in 20 days 😉

  2. I’m not a big fan of hemp milk on it’s own myself, I’ve decided to stick with almond 🙂

  3. Those sweet tatters look so yummy! I love dipping them in almond butter too 😀

  4. THANK You for reminding me to eat my sweet tater thats been sittin in my kitch for ages!

  5. Sweet potato fries! Yep, that is what I want for lunch now. With almond butter for dipping.

    I’m not a huge fan of hemp either. It tasted like grass or dirt when I tried it last? That being said, Tempt ice cream (made from hemp milk) is my favorite non-dairy ice cream, so go figure.

  6. Yum! Sweet potato fries + almond butter is an amazing combination:)

  7. My favorite studying snack EVER. Have you tried a sweet potato filled with avocado or cottage cheese? It’s the best 🙂 Nut butter still wins though.

  8. good luck with the rest of your finals! when you’re done you wanna come make those sweet potatos for me? okaythanks 🙂

  9. Hey! I’m so glad I rediscovered your blog. I’ve been catching up on posts from your year, and it looks like you’re having a great time at the UW. I’m glad!! I was actually in Madison yesterday visiting my grandma. She lives near Hilldale Mall, so we took her to Cafe Porto Alba and then Gigi’s Cupcakes, which is TO DIE FOR! If you’re ever looking for a splurge, go to Gigi’s and get their Wedding Cake cupcake. You will not regret it! Hope all’s well! xoxo

    • SO neat! I’ve been wanting to try out Cafe Porto Alba and this is the first time I’ve heard of Gigi’s Cupcakes. Definitely need to check both out! 🙂

  10. You can do it!! 😀 ALMOST DONE!

  11. Yum! looks so good…almost there! I have 1 week left too on my project. I hear ya about sweetened milks. I dont like them either. I usually just drink unsweetened almond milk. its great. Good luck with everything!!

  12. […] that I had bought a few weeks ago and give it a try.  If you remember, I had tried the sweetened original a while back and definitely wasn’t a fan, but I figured it was still worth giving the unsweetened version a […]

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