When The Weather Fights Back

May 9, 2011 at 3:01 pm | Posted in Grocery Shopping, Other | 11 Comments
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Today had to be THE scariest driving experience of my life.  Coming from Wisconsin (aka the land of black ice, drifts, and snowstorms) and having driven in just about every form of storm possible, that’s saying a lot. 

I set out at 7:30am this morning to drive 2.5 hours to my podiatrist for an annual check-up.  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had bunion surgery on 4 toes, and corrective surgery on 4 toes six months later.  I was honestly excited to see my podiatrist since it had been a year since I checked in with him – love that guy! Everything went well at the check-up, but about 20 minutes into my 2.5-hour drive back to Madison, I hit the worst rainstorm I have ever been in in my life. 

The visibility was about 3 feet around my car… I couldn’t even SEE signs, let alone read them.  I had to find my exits by reading the mile markers on the side of the road and stayed in my lane by looking at the road lines.  I drove past 4 cars in the ditch and 2 accidents.  I knew it wouldn’t be safe to pull over and I just wanted to get home as soon as I could, so I kept driving.  I was pretty close to tears after 2 hours of this, and wasn’t sure whether I should laugh at how insane this was or cry at the stress and scariness of the situation.  Luckily I made it back safe and sound, but not without a MAJOR migraine.  DEFINITELY don’t want to have to drive through anything like that ever again!

Have you ever driven through intense weather and feared for your safety?


In other, less dramatic news, I finally had time yesterday to stock up at Whole Foods.  My fridge was looking pretty sad since I haven’t had extra time to go shopping lately, so I needed to get loaded on the goods.




I tried out the Allegro Breakfast Blend Coffee this morning to take with me on my drive and it was INCREDIBLE!  I actually might save some money the next couple of weeks and bypass my usual morning trip to Starbucks. Winking smile


I still have a lot of studying to do yet tonight, so I’m going to get right to it!  At least the less than stellar weather today makes it easier to concentrate on my work… only 3 more days left! Smile










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  1. oh my poor girl :(! I refuse to drive unless conditions are absolutely perfect (okay, I can survive a drizzle I suppose) but honestly, I’m so cautious when it comes to driving. I freak out! I’m so glad you’re okay, hun. **hugs**

  2. I don’t even like driving in the rain, can’t even imagine how scary it must of been for you!

  3. Awww, sweet Heather, I’m so sorry about the terrible rainstorm! That’s no fun at all, and I can definitely relate. At least your safe, that’s all that matters!

    That coffee is made in Santa Cruz- glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Sorry to hear about your bad driving experience. I hit a rainstorm like that driving from Houston to New Orleans once. I was never so glad in my life when I finally drove out of the rain and was on dry pavement again. All I wanted was to get warm, dry, and drunk. I was a lot younger then. BTW I didn’t get drunk – but I surely wanted to.

  5. Glad you are still alive and kicking 🙂

    If you can’t handle the rain, how are you going to survive the Alabama tornadoes? I have doubts about you being able to handle them…

  6. ugh for crazy weather. i’ve driven through flash snowstorms (white out conditions) that have scared the heck out of me! glad you’re okay girl!!

  7. So scary! I’m glad you’re okay. I’ve had awful driving experiences in snow and rainstorms, the worst one being when frost started to form INSIDE my car (I’ve no idea how that happened), and I couldn’t see anything. Hope you found a way to de-stress after that drive!

  8. It’s not insane how scary that can be! I remember one summer day last year RIGHT before I got onto the highway it started pouring like there’s no tomorrow and I was so scared cause I could barely see the car in front of me! I ended up pulling over until it stopped before I merged on the highway, so knowing you had to drive 2 hours in that for me is incredible. Glad you made it safely!

  9. So many times!! The first few times I made the trip back home from school for the first time, I’d never fail to run into INTENSE thunderstorms. Raindroips the size of quaters just pounding and my windshield a solid white slate no matter how fast the wipers were going. Not fun!! Glad you made it out safely. 🙂

  10. Ahh, I don’t drive but that would freak me out so bad! I have seen rainy conditions like that but not from the seat of a car, thank god you are ok!!
    I love all your veggies…yummy! And almond milk and Synergy! Best looking groceries ever 😛

  11. […] Leave a comment Tags: bunions, feet, surgery Since I mentioned my foot surgeries yesterday with my podiatrist check-up, I thought I’d give a little background of what all I had done and my thoughts on the […]

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