Foot Surgeries Explained and An Update

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Since I mentioned my foot surgeries yesterday with my podiatrist check-up, I thought I’d give a little background of what all I had done and my thoughts on the surgeries.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you were part of the whole experience for BOTH surgeries.  But since I deleted all my old posts when I restarted my blog a few months back, I figured I would explain what happened to the new readers, and give an update to all the long-time readers.


Surgery #1 – Bunion Surgery

On July 16, 2009, I had bunion surgery on both of my big toes and little toes (4 toes total).  Here I am, looking a lot happier than I felt, before the surgery.  There’s an IV in my arm, what do you expect? Winking smile


I’ll spare everyone the gory details and post-surgery pictures (trust me, they do exist), but I had 6 screws put in my feet that will remain in my feet forever unless I have an issue an need them removed… which actually isn’t a big deal at all to have them removed once you’re healed. 

The recovery?  HORRIBLE!  I was unable to stand up for 5 days, and had to crawl around the house to get anywhere.  Going to the bathroom and taking baths (which I never otherwise do FYI… I’m a shower person) were quite the adventure. Honestly, I thought it was hilarious.  I figured my choices were to laugh at the experience or cry, and I chose laughing… it was a good decision. Winking smile 

Here’s a totally embarrassing picture that wasn’t staged in the least bit.  I was going insane with the pain that was more “pressure” than intense pain, and my mom was cracking up and took a picture of me.


Slowly, I started standing up, then walking after after 2 weeks, but it wasn’t until September that I was actually able to fit back into tennis shoes without pain. 

The whole experience was TERRIBLE.  I never imagined the recovery would be so difficult.  That said, I don’t regret it in the least bit.  My bunions were never actually “bad,” but with all the walking I do, I had a lot of joint pain in the big toes.  Although the recovery sucked, the results were definitely worth it. 


Surgery #2 – Corrective Surgery

My second surgery was on December 22, 2009, and was a corrective surgery.  My little toes were started to veer inward from the tendon strain of the bunion surgery.  My 2nd toes were actually too long which created pain pain while walking, since the bunion surgery on my big toes actually shortened the big toes a bit.  Sparing again the gory details, I had to get the little toes pulled out and the 2nd toes shortened (4 toes total again).  Nice Christmas present, huh? Winking smile

I actually had a panic attack from my IV this surgery because of an odd placement of the IV needle – my biggest fear is needles – and it’s not something I’d like to experience again.  Even so, I made it through the surgery without any problems.

A picture I took on the ride home:


Being that there were no screws or anything involved in this surgery, the recovery was actually a lot easier than I expected, and MUCH easier than the first surgery.  I was able to stand right away, and walking happened within a few days.  Christmas morning was even pretty normal.


Similarly, this surgery has no regrets on my behalf.  For me, walking and being active is essential in my life; if that means a few weeks or months of recovery, I’ll deal with it.


Today – Update 

Do my feet look very pretty these days?  NOPE! 

My feet themselves look normal, but I’ve got scars to match the pain I went through.  That said, I can walk virtually pain-free now, and that’s all that matter to me!  Yes, I do still have some random pain associated with post-surgery issues, but it’s SO rare that it doesn’t even compare to the daily joint pain I had before the surgeries. 

If you are considering bunion surgery, make sure the pain you feel is worth the recovery pain and time commitment, and the possible complications associated with foot surgeries.  I remember doing jumping jacks by the car in the hospital parking lot before my first surgery because my biggest fear was that something would go wrong and I’d never be able to stand, let alone jump, on my feet again.  It’s pretty awesome to say that I have 6 screws in my feet, but I’d personally rather not have them if I didn’t need them. Winking smile


Have you ever had any major surgeries?










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  1. Loved the story! I think I pretty much knew all of that though 😉

  2. Hope you’re feeling a lot better now! Surgeries are scary…I think that’s why you should always consider once more and listen to other people’s stories before you actually step in.

  3. Oh wow girl, that sounds painful : ( I am sure it was no fun like you said, but glad you got through it and are good today!!!

    Thanks for sharing! U are so beautiful btw!!

  4. AC!! that sounds SO PAINFUL GIRL!! im so glad its DONE and over with and u are feeling great!!!

  5. My mom had this surgery done when I was younger and she actually got around with a rolling chair. She’s prop her knee on it and roll around the house with the other one (she only got one foot done, though) was pretty funny and we’d follow her around doing the same thing!!

  6. aww sorry about those surgeries! the pain must have really sucked, but im glad it’s over!!! i have bunions too but have never considered getting surgery for them… how did you decide to get surgery?

    • I weighed out the pros and cons – if you are having a lot of pain and it interferes with your life and what you want to do, surgery is probably going to be worth it if you can find the time to recover. If they’re not bothering you, surgery is DEFINITELY not the right option. There are a lot of complications involved with any surgery, and I think it should only be an option if it’s needed.

  7. No fun!! But I’m glad it was totally worth it. Ha, I think I would have to laugh at having to crawl all over the place for five days too … it’s much better than crying about it 🙂

  8. What an inspiring story! You are such a trooper!! I am so proud of all that you went through and came out a SURVIVOR!! 🙂

  9. my sister has major bunions so i will definitely show her this post.

    You are a strong girl! dont know howwwww you went through all of that pain 😦

  10. I remember your surgery like it was yesterday…wow…and yes, my mom has had bunion surgery and I know even when it goes “well” the recovery is horrible! I am so sorry you had to have a corrective surgery!

    Me and surgery? Yes, and i have had 2 knee surgeries and on the 2nd one, I had a similar experience to you, panic attack just b/c you KNOW how bad the recovery is gonna be!

  11. nope no major surgeries here *knockonwood*. your surgeries sound intense! i kind of want to see the pictures in all their glory..or gory..ness.

  12. This is my first visit and I thought this post was very interesting! I had no idea that those types of surgeries could be done. I hope you feel better soon if you haven’t already recovered!

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