Summer Shopping

May 16, 2011 at 7:14 pm | Posted in Dinner, Fashion | 9 Comments
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Summer break hasn’t been too “summery” or “break-like” for me as of yet.  The weather has been cold (50’s) and I’ve been keeping crazy busy! 

Today I finally had a chance to sell back my books and made $143.50 on them! 

It’s also my oldest brother’s 25th Birthday today, so I gave him a call this morning and we chatted for a good half hour or so.  He’s seriously THE most amazing guy ever – he’s stuck with me through a lot of tough times and I’ve done the same for him. Smile

I got started my summer shopping on this afternoon!  I love living within 5 miles of 3 different malls since it means I can go back multiple times and not have to make one huge, stressful shopping trip.  I had some luck today at Old Navy:


I definitely need more shorts though!

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to grab a Tuna Avocado Roll for dinner.




Now it’s time for some yoga.  I’ve been loving having a little extra time for that in my day now that school’s over! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!










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  1. I like that yellow top a lot! 😀

  2. Cute tanks! I totally need to go shopping for them and shorts too.

    Wish our WI weather would warm up too.

    Enjoy your time off from school! Yoga sounds like a good way to enjoy it and do something great for your body and mind.

  3. That tuna roll looks SUPERB!! I must try some WF sushi!!

  4. It’s been cold here, too!! It only got up to 55 today with clouds and strong wind all day. It felt more like fall than anything.

  5. i love Old Navy – always cute stuff for cheap!! : )

  6. Cuteeee buys, my friend! It’s currently raining and cold here so bikinis and shorts are not at the top of my list right now 😦 Really though, raining in May? Crazy. Just crazy.

    Wish I could do yoga with you!

  7. great tanks! I so have to update my wardrobe asap. Have a great night!!

  8. Nice tops! And I love sushi! So you made some really nice purchases:)

  9. that yellow top is super cute, i like all of it though!

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