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May 17, 2011 at 4:17 pm | Posted in Review | 10 Comments
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Whole Foods was out of my favorite yogurt – Siggi’s – when I went shopping this week, so I decided to use the lack of Siggi’s as an opportunity to try out some new yogurts.


#1 – Whole Foods 365 Nonfat Plain Yogurt


I have to give Matt the credit on recommending this one, and he was definitely right to do so!  Whole Foods never ceases to impress me with the high quality of their own store brand.  This yogurt was pretty thick, tangy, and a bit sour… all in the best ways possible!  It had a smooth, creamy texture and has now been put on my weekly shopping list.  Definitely check it out! 

#2 – Amande Cultured Almondmilk Blueberry Yogurt


This was the first time I’ve tried an almond milk yogurt, and unfortunately I wasn’t impressed.  Although I wouldn’t say it was “bad,” I definitely wouldn’t say I liked it either.  I would compare the taste and texture to Jello – meaning that it was comparable to a low-quality, fake-like yogurt.  It wasn’t creamy at all and was too sweet for my tastes. Worth it to try, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

#3 – Green Valley Organics Lactose Free Plain Low Fat Yogurt


This was a great low fat yogurt!  The texture was thick, creamy, and smooth, and the taste was rich without much of a sour taste.  Normally I don’t mind (and even like) sour, tangy yogurts, but this one was the opposite with a full-flavored, delicious taste!  Plus, I love how Green Valley Organics is Certified Humane and Certified OrganicAlthough it probably won’t become a weekly buy for me, I still really enjoyed it and would recommend giving it a try.

#4 – Skyr.is Plain Yogurt


This Icelandic yogurt reminded me a lot of Chobani as far as texture and taste.  Skyr.is was a bit more rich, airy, and less watery than Chobani, but otherwise pretty similar. Overall it was really good and seemed like a high-quality yogurt which, for whatever reason, I found as a surprise.  Again, I don’t think it would go on my weekly shopping list, but I’d definitely recommend it and I am sure I’ll be buying it again.


It was fun to try out some new yogurts, but Siggi’s still has me hooked. What’s your favorite yogurt?










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  1. Nice review of yogurts! I’m with you about the taste and texture of those all– except for the last one, which I’ve never tried. I expected SO much more out of the almond milk yogurt, but honestly I really didn’t enjoy it. If there was a plain version I think that’d be better as the sugar completely masked the taste! It was much too sweet for me as well….

    I’ll have to try WF brand plain yogurt as Chobani, SIggi’s and Oikos gets expensive! 🙂

  2. The only yogurt that I’ve tried in your review is the Amande (i tried the peach flavor) and I agree with you 100%. It has an odd jello-like texture and is WAY too sweet. I couldn’t even finish mine.

    I usually eat greek yogurt, but when I do buy nonfat plain yogurt I get the brand – Straus Family Creamery (from Whole Foods). Its creamy, tangy, and delicious. I’ll have to try whole foods brand soon!

  3. Told ya the whole foods brand was baller 😉

    I need to try skyr.is. Going to hunt that down the next time I’m there!

  4. I am team Chobani when Oikos isn’t on sale..haha. I love them both!!

  5. My favorite yogurt is anything greek-style. I still haven’t decided on which brand is the best, though!

  6. I’ve never had siggi’s, I’ll have to take your word for it and try it!

  7. I’m in love with Brown Cow maple yogurt and Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt.

  8. I usually stick with Fage and mix it with some granola, agave, & Chia seeds and berries.

  9. Being a vegan in the Czech republic leaves my choices very limited, so the only yoghurt I occasionaly eat is vanilla yoghurt from the Provamel branch.

  10. you know i used to eat tons of yogurt but it’s one of those things i truly never buy anymore. the carton i bought for my smoothie recipe was seriously the 1st yogurt i bought since i was last in aruba 6 mos ago. Dutch island, eurpoean yogurt, so rich creamy and thick. blows american yogurt away!

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