One Week of Summer Starts NOW

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Life is finally starting to calm down and get back to normal for me after being gone for a week and needing to play catch-up.  This is a VERY good thing, because one week from today I’ll be starting the dreaded SUMMER SCHOOL

Nope, not looking forward to summer school whatsoever… especially since it only really feels like I have a week of summer vacation!  I’m taking 2 classes this summer, so from June 13th through August 9th I’ll be hitting the books.


Luckily, taking summer classes means that I’ll have a MUCH easier schedule when it comes to the Fall and Spring semesters.  Last semester was brutal to say the least and I don’t ever want to experience that stress again if I can help it!


Last night I had a surprise run-in with my oldest big bro… we live in the same city, yet it seems like we rarely get see each other.  Seriously love that guy and miss him so dang much!!! 

What do a brother and sister do on a hot Sunday summer night at 7:30pm?  Go to Starbucks for Decaf White Mocha Light Frappuccinos of course. Winking smile


We had A LOT to catch up on, and of course it was just great to see him and get a hug from my big brother! Smile


Getting back in my usual routine to start the week, breakfast this morning was a bowl of Nature’s Path Whole O’s topped with unsweetened almond milk and a mountain of cinnamon, with an organic banana on the side.


I got way too much accomplished in the morning for summer vacation.  So after lunch I headed out on my apartment’s terrace to get some sun and magazine time!


It was 90*F today and I was LOVING the heat!!!


Being a broke college student, I took up a friend’s request to babysit her two boys this evening.  Babysitting really isn’t my thing (kids in general really aren’t my thing Winking smile), but her boys are pretty awesome and know how to distract themselves without getting into too much trouble.

I was in a bit of a rush to head out the door, so I grabbed one of these to hold me over. 


LOVE Naan, but not the best food to keep my hunger at bay until 9:30pm.  Needless to say, a snack is happening ASAP!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!









Early Morning Optimism

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I feel like I’ve been constantly on-the-go the past couple days!  I have a lot that I’ve been putting off getting done until the summer since the school year is always so busy, and I finally started to make a dent on that list along with my usual daily tasks.

The past couple of nights haven’t been the greatest sleep-wise, and I’m the type that hates laying around in bed if I’m not falling back asleep, so I got my butt out of bed at 5am and got a head start on my day.  Despite being a little tired, I’m not complaining since I ended up having an awesome morning!

Breakfast was a bowl of Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise Flakes topped with unsweetened almond milk and an organic banana on the side.


After breakfast I walked to a local Ancora coffee shop for my morning coffee – so good!


After I was fully caffeinated, I decided to go for my daily walk in the morning since it was so nice outside!  I used to always go for morning walks in the summer and I forgot how much I enjoyed them. 

The highlight of the walk?  Saving a baby painted turtle’s life that was trying to cross the road and wasn’t going anywhere fast enough.  I put it on a leaf (it was TINY!) and walked over to the lake and set it free.  That’s gotta give me good karma or something. Winking smile

I had some summer clothes shopping I wanted to finish up, so after lunch I headed to the mall and actually got quite a few things.  I’m usually a pretty picky and indecisive buyer when it comes to clothes and I tend to leave without many items, but I got lucky today!


On my way home, I was exhausted and the Starbucks I drove by was too tempting to pass up.

Coffee #2 of the day.


I drank it up when I got back to my apartment with a snack – organic peach (seriously so good!), organic mango, and Siggi’s plain yogurt.



The rest of my day is looking much less hectic.  I’m teaching a yoga class tonight and getting in my own practice sometime before, but other than that I don’t have much planned! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Smile








No Plans, No Problem

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It’s finally starting to feel like summer vacation!  The weather is warming up, I’ve stopped getting mini panic attacks wondering what test I’m forgetting to study for, I have FREE TIME, and I’m getting ready to take a week-long trip

Which means I have the time to watch these:


I was forced against my better judgment to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (thanks Matt)… but turns out they’re pretty darn good. Winking smile  I watched the first one yesterday and loved it, and I’ll be watching #2 today!

Another great thing about summer is that I finally have the time to make/eat more time-consuming foods like one of my favorites – sweet potatoes!




Turns out I’m still a cereal person even when I do have extra time in the mornings, and I started out yesterday with a bowl of Nature’s Path Optimum Banana Almond Cereal topped with unsweetened almond milk, and an organic banana on the side.



Lunch was a Food for Life Tortilla topped with Lisanatti Mozzarella Style Almond Cheese (LOVE this stuff!), organic spinach, and organic romaine hearts; with vanilla light activia and organic sugar snap peas.




In the evening I went to a Core Power Sculpt class taught by one of my best friends.  We did 500 jumping jacks throughout the class, core work, yoga poses with weights, lunges, and more. I loved it!  I thought I’d be more sore today, but I’m really only feeling it in my calves (probably from the jumping jacks).  My friend who teaches it is SUCH a sweetheart, so it was pretty awesome to see her in a completely different element as a hardcore sculpt teacher

Today’s plans are little to none… it’s finally sunny, so I’ll be spending some time laying out with magazines, and of course going for a long walk at some point during the day!  Gotta enjoy the lazy summer while it’s here! Smile








Los Días Numeros Uno y Dos

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Day 1 of Summer Vacation was definitely busy and productive!  I cleaned my entire apartment, ran errands, did laundry, sorted through all my school things, wrote a letter of recommendation for a yoga student, did a 75 minute yoga podcast (Dave Farmar – you are AWESOMENESS!), and even made time for Harry Potter #99238548934… aka The Deathly Hallows Part I


I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this newest Harry Potter.  The last couple just haven’t done it for me, but this one was actually really good!  It was almost 2.5 hours, which I could never sit still through, so I did take a “yoga intermission” halfway through the movie.  But other than that I was completely entertained and truly enjoyed it!

I had some eggs that needed using up, so for my during-movie-dinner I made 2 over-easy eggs; with organic baby carrots, a sliced organic pear, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk on the side.



I woke up at 6am this morning to get a few things done before my parents came to visit.  Breakfast was a bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart (it’s been FOREVER since I had this cereal and it used to be a staple in my diet) topped with unsweetened almond milk, and an organic banana on the side.


Apparently my parents and I are on very different schedules and my “Would 8am be ok?” text was answered with “No. Too early. Text in morning. Love u.” from my mom last night.  They ended up getting here at 9:30am and stayed until noon.  My dad fixed my bike, pumped up the air in my car’s tires, and cleaned out my computer.  It was nice to see them and catch up again!

I gave my parents a bunch of “stuff” that I didn’t want around my apartment anymore (The books in back are for me to return, not for the ‘rents to take, and the Barbies were for a Design Studies project, I promise!)…


… and they gave me these goodies in return.


My shaving cream that I can’t find in Madison, an ink cartridge since I use these things up way too quickly, and some coupons for summer shopping I need to do next week.

I’m going to try to keep the rest of my Saturday pretty relaxing – nap, going for a walk, returning my books from the semester, and teaching a yoga class tonight.  LOVE that I don’t have any more schoolwork to think about! Smile







And… I’m a Sophomore

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I am officially 1/4 done with my college career as of 4:45pm yesterday!  This semester was seriously tough – 5 classes with significant workloads – but I’m sure I’ll run into more semesters that are just as challenging, if not more, so it was a good preparation for what’s to come. 

I’ve been drained by all the studying and finals the past couple weeks and have no problem admitting that I didn’t make it through the day yesterday without this


… and this.


I believe this is only the second Red Bull of the semester… no worries, I’m not an energy drink addict or am I recommending them in any way.  In fact, Red Bull has been known to give me day-after migraines.  But there comes a time when rest just doesn’t fit into the schedule and that sort of pick-me-up is needed!

My last exam of the semester yesterday was in my Stats class and I think it went well! Now I just have to wait impatiently patiently for my grades to come in!


I was asleep by 10pm last night and woke up at 6am this morning to get started on cleaning, laundry, and sorting out my school stuff from the semester.  Yes, I am serious – I like to sort through school things right away after the semester is done to get it out of the way, and my apartment definitely needs a good clean after being so busy lately!

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of Nature’s Path Whole O’s topped with unsweetened almond milk and an organic banana on the side.


I actually made my own coffee this morning again with Allegro Breakfast Blend Coffee… loving it!  I got this coffee at Whole Foods and totally recommend checking it out yourself!



So far I’ve done 4 loads of laundry and went through all my school things, and it’s only 10am!  My parents are also coming tomorrow morning to visit, so I still a lot to get done before then.   

Have a fabulous Friday everyone! Smile








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