When the Bathroom Floor’s Not So Bad…

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First of all, thank you guys so much for the good luck wishes on my scheduling for classes on Tuesday.  It was terribly stressful, but after a long look at my next 3 years and using up my blackberry’s battery analyzing my plans with my mom, I decided that I’m going to need to do summer school every summer. 

I’m not a Science person, and Dietetics is packed with Science courses.  With double majoring in Communication Arts, I would have literally had no free time during the year. I know I’m the kind that NEEDS “me time” for working out, relaxing, and socializing, and it’s something I need to plan for in my schedule.  Therefore, I held back on my schedule for next year, made it totally tolerable, and am SO happy with my plans! 🙂

Next semester’s classes – Chemistry, Food Science, Comm Arts, and Management & Human Resources (this one’s actually online!). 


Maybe it was the stress, lack of sleep, or just college student luck, but Tuesday night I started with the stomach flu.  Trust me, it’s not fun, but I’m hanging in there!  The bathroom floor isn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds when you’re sick. ;)  Today I’m finally feeling a little better, but I’m still exhausted.  Naptime will be scheduled into my day!


This morning I woke up and had a bowl of Nature’s Path Crunchy Maple Sunrise cereal topped with unsweetened soymilk and an organic banana on the side.


Then I trekked out to Starbucks (ok “trek” probably isn’t the right word since it’s like 1 block away, but it was cold out and I’m sick… give me a break ;)) and got a Tall Gold Coast coffee with an inch of steamed soy.



Now I’m headed off to teach a morning yoga class and then get a LOAD of homework accomplished!  Being sick doesn’t help that load go down, so I have a lot to catch up on today!









Super Cereal

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I have to admit that I have become a devout “cereal-for-breakfast” fan since being in college.  I have quite a few favorites – Kashi, Barbara’s, Annie’s, Nature’s Path.  I know that a lot of people have a tough time staying full on cereal for breakfast, but I’ve found that as long as it has enough 1) Protein, 2) Fiber, and 3) Healthy Fats, I’m held over quite nicely until lunchtime!


This morning started out with a bowl of Kashi GoLean Crunch topped with unsweetened soymilk and an organic banana.

Another college addiction?  COFFEE!!!


In a city that has as many coffee shops as bars (and in Wisconsin, that’s saying something! ;)), I find it tough to resist!  That said, I keep my coffee limit to no more than 1 12oz cup a day and get a good morning boost as a result.  My daily order?  A tall/small cup of coffee with an inch of steamed soy.  FABULOUS!

Is anyone else not digging the new Starbucks logo


For their 40th Anniversary, they decided to make the big change, but I’m a little disappointed by monotone color and NO actual “Starbucks” wording. Eh, they should have asked me first. ;)  I will say that I am LOVING their new Tribute dark roast blend.  If you haven’t had a chance to try it out, I definitely recommend it!

Early evening, I decided to drive to the Hilldale mall and check out the brand new TargetPre-shopping fuel…


This Target is MASSIVE!!!


I ran into Whole Foods on my way home and got my kitchen re-stocked.  All in all, a very successful Monday! 🙂







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