Sweet 19

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Yes, today is my 19th Birthday! 😀

This is also the busiest week of my college life as of yet.  I have 1 exam tomorrow, 2 exams on Monday, and a 10-page essay due on Tuesday.  Somehow Birthday + Insane College Workload don’t fit together all that well. 😉

That said, I’ve never been one to have big parties or hit the town all night, so I’m pretty satisfied with laying low-key and having a relaxing, productive birthday.  A friend texted me last night and is taking me out to get my version of a “birthday cake” – Starbucks – this afternoon, so it will be great just to catch up with him and take my mind off the stress of school!

My mom also sent me a beautiful card in the mail from her and my dad:


With lottery cards – my mom’s usual card stuffer. 😉


I actually won $2 on one of the cards!!!  Birthday luck I suppose! 🙂


My mom is also letting me pick out a few things from Lululemon when school calms down and I have time to enjoy a shopping trip to the Lululemon showroom in Madison.  LOVE Lululemon!!!



Now backing up to Yesterday

Breakfast – Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs topped with organic raw sunflower seeds and organic almond milk with an organic banana on the side.



It was DOWN POURING all day, and of course I don’t own a umbrella.  Therefore, walking 2 miles to my Geology class and 2 miles back left me DRIPPING wet!  I promptly went to Walgreens and amended my lack of umbrella after learning my lesson the hard way. 😉

Pre-afternoon classes snack:  Organic kiwi, organic pear, Trader Joe’s organic Greek yogurt, and a Gingerade Kombucha.


Post-classes COLORFUL snack:  Organic Blueberries, Organic baby carrots, Trader Joe’s Edamame, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.






Have a fabulous Wednesday (and my Birthday ;)) everyone!!!

Question:  Are you a “big party” type when it comes to birthdays?









Rainstorm > Stormstorm

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I woke up to POURING rain, thunder, lightning, and the whole stormy works this morning.  That said, I’ll take rain storms any day over snow storms!

I started out my morning with a bowl of Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs topped with organic raw sunflower seeds and almond milk, with an organic banana on the side.



The bananas are obviously slightly outdated, but I luckily stocked up yesterday.

I had another 1/5 of my essay I wanted to get written this morning, and I knew I’d need my morning cup of coffee to get me through.  Hence, a 1-mile walk in a rainstorm to get to Starbucks and back.  A college girl needs her caffeine! 😉

The results of my trip…



But I did get my coffee!!! 😀


Only a bit of waterworks made its way onto the cup.


TOTALLY worth it as I completed the 1/5 of my 10-page essay I set out to do!

Given that THIS appears to be my imminent future,image

I’m now making a trip to Trader Joe’sGrocery Shopping = The best way to avoid dismal weather blues! 🙂

What do you like to do on a rainy day?








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