Summer Shopping

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Summer break hasn’t been too “summery” or “break-like” for me as of yet.  The weather has been cold (50’s) and I’ve been keeping crazy busy! 

Today I finally had a chance to sell back my books and made $143.50 on them! 

It’s also my oldest brother’s 25th Birthday today, so I gave him a call this morning and we chatted for a good half hour or so.  He’s seriously THE most amazing guy ever – he’s stuck with me through a lot of tough times and I’ve done the same for him. Smile

I got started my summer shopping on this afternoon!  I love living within 5 miles of 3 different malls since it means I can go back multiple times and not have to make one huge, stressful shopping trip.  I had some luck today at Old Navy:


I definitely need more shorts though!

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to grab a Tuna Avocado Roll for dinner.




Now it’s time for some yoga.  I’ve been loving having a little extra time for that in my day now that school’s over! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!









Stocking Up the Fridge

April 2, 2011 at 5:45 pm | Posted in Dinner, Grocery Shopping | 9 Comments
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First off, thanks to everyone for you sympathy on my credit card number getting stolen.  Luckily, everything worked out with the bank and my new card should arrive in 2 weeks.  It honestly ended up being a pretty hilarious situation (a friend texted me yesterday – “How did that Foreign Dating Escort Service work out for you?  I’m thinking of trying it myself…”), and it’s quite a eye-opener to see where I’m spending all my money, given that I have to use cash for the next 2 weeks.  There’s a lesson in everything…

I also want to thank everyone for you comments on my Positive Affirmations post from yesterday.  It sounds like we all have fantastic goals to motivate us!  I highly recommend trying affirmations for yourself and sticking to them.  You’ll be amazed by how much you can empower yourself and mentally change negatives into positives just by repeating them every day!


My Saturday has been pretty typical so far.  It’s a beautiful Spring day and I’ve been enjoying the outdoors as much as possible between schoolwork, grocery shopping, and the usual weekend catch-up tasks.

I made 2 grocery shopping trips this afternoon – one to a local grocery store and then to Whole Foods.

Local Grocery Store:


  • Organic Spinach
  • Organic Baby Romaine
  • Organic Kiwis
  • Organic Oranges
  • Organic Bananas
  • Organic Mango


  • Smartwater
  • Klarbrunn Black Cherry Sparkling Water
  • Fage 0% Yogurt
  • Activia Light Peach


I was incredibly successful at Whole Foods, and since I hadn’t been there in a couple of weeks, I stocked up:


  • Doctor Kracker Pumpkin Seed Cheddar
  • Doctor Kracker Seedlander
  • Organic Unsweetened Soymilk
  • Organic Dates
  • Nature’s Path Optimum Banana Almond
  • Blue Diamond Unsweetened Original Almond Milk


  • Organic Sugar Snap Peas
  • Organic Baby Carrots
  • Organic Seedless Cucumber
  • Organic Valley Large Brown Eggs
  • Wild wood Super Firm Tofu
  • Organic Jewel Sweet Potato/Yam
  • Organic Garnet Sweet Potato/Yam


  • Organic Mangos
  • Organic Nectarines (first of the season!!!)
  • Organic Golden Delicious Apples
  • Organic Granny Smith Apples
  • Siggi’s Yogurt
  • Stoneyfield Plain 0% Yogurt
  • Fage 2% Yogurt
  • Eros Plain Yogurt

I’m definitely feeling a fruit salad in the near future. :D  One of the best parts of Spring is the awesome produce variety that starts to appear!  I can’t wait until the selection gets even more diverse this summer.

After I got back from getting groceries, I headed out for a 4-mile walk sans jacket.  Definitely loving the 50*F sunny weather today!

When I got back to my apartment, I grabbed the Crab Meat California Roll sushi I had bought at Whole Foods when I went shopping.



With a glass of unsweetened almond milk.



I have some Stats schoolwork to do tonight, then I plan on doing a yoga podcast before calling it a night. 

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend! 🙂






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