No Plans, No Problem

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It’s finally starting to feel like summer vacation!  The weather is warming up, I’ve stopped getting mini panic attacks wondering what test I’m forgetting to study for, I have FREE TIME, and I’m getting ready to take a week-long trip

Which means I have the time to watch these:


I was forced against my better judgment to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (thanks Matt)… but turns out they’re pretty darn good. Winking smile  I watched the first one yesterday and loved it, and I’ll be watching #2 today!

Another great thing about summer is that I finally have the time to make/eat more time-consuming foods like one of my favorites – sweet potatoes!




Turns out I’m still a cereal person even when I do have extra time in the mornings, and I started out yesterday with a bowl of Nature’s Path Optimum Banana Almond Cereal topped with unsweetened almond milk, and an organic banana on the side.



Lunch was a Food for Life Tortilla topped with Lisanatti Mozzarella Style Almond Cheese (LOVE this stuff!), organic spinach, and organic romaine hearts; with vanilla light activia and organic sugar snap peas.




In the evening I went to a Core Power Sculpt class taught by one of my best friends.  We did 500 jumping jacks throughout the class, core work, yoga poses with weights, lunges, and more. I loved it!  I thought I’d be more sore today, but I’m really only feeling it in my calves (probably from the jumping jacks).  My friend who teaches it is SUCH a sweetheart, so it was pretty awesome to see her in a completely different element as a hardcore sculpt teacher

Today’s plans are little to none… it’s finally sunny, so I’ll be spending some time laying out with magazines, and of course going for a long walk at some point during the day!  Gotta enjoy the lazy summer while it’s here! Smile









Two Down, Three to Go!

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Finals are in full swing!  I had my Design Studies exam yesterday, and finished my 10-page essay for Intro to Asia that counts as our final exam last night.  I have 3 more left – one on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday – and then I’m DONE with my Freshman year of college!!!  It feels like such a relief to have the first two accomplished, and I’m sure I’ll make it through the other 3 just fine!


With all the craziness of finals, I haven’t been all too creative with eats, but I did manage to make some FABULOUS sweet potato rounds a couple night ago…

Organic sweet potato rounds topped with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, with MaraNatha raw organic almond butter for dipping and a glass of unsweetened almond milk on the side.





I also recently tried out Living Harvest Hempmilk after Matt recommended it to me.  Now, I will say right away that Matt told me to get unsweetened, but my Whole Foods doesn’t carry unsweetened so I just had to make do with the original.


Honestly?  I wasn’t the biggest fan.  I’m not big on any sweetened milk product in general, and this hempmilk just had an “off” taste to me that could have been the sweetening or could have just been the milk itself.  That said, I’m always willing to try something new, and I’ve heard awesome things about hempmilk and its health benefits, so it’s totally worth a shot.  And I’ll obviously have to give the unsweetened version a try once I can get my hands on it!


Today’s agenda consists of a lot of studying and classes… can’t wait until I’m done in one week! Smile








Crunch Time

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With only two weeks left of school (three weeks including finals), I am definitely starting to feel the pressure!  I have SO much to do that I literally will not be able to do it all.  Every single one of my 5 classes has a final plus at least one other assignment/paper/project/presentation due before the end of the semester.  It’s a lot to throw at me!

That said, I’m doing my best to stay stress-free and just handle each day as it comes. My strategy yesterday?  Walking 6 miles in the afternoon to Picnic Point, and then another 4 miles on Lakeshore Path before it was dark.  10 miles of walking in one day!  That did me WONDERS.  Plus, on the way back of my second walk I got to enjoy these views:



Pretty incredible, huh? Smile


Last night I also had a baked sweet potato – one of my favorites.  What do you do when your cookie sheet is dirty?  Use the pie pan of course! Winking smile


Baked sweet potato topped with MaraNatha organic raw almond butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.


With a glass of unsweetened almond milk.



I have a LOT to get done tonight,  so I’m headed straight to the booksHope everyone started out with a wonderful week!








Snap, Crackle, Pop… Corn Pops

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Spring has finally made it to Wisconsin!  I’ve shed like 10 minutes off my “getting ready to go somewhere” time just by losing all the jackets, hats, gloves, etc.  It’s pretty great to not even worry about a jacket anymore! 🙂

After my afternoon classes yesterday, I decided a baked sweet potato was just what I was craving. 

Organic baked sweet potato topped with Trader Joe’s Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.


With a glass of unsweetened almond milk.



After dinner, I went to a Power Yoga class which, as usual, was fabulous!  There’s something about actually being IN the studio instead of just doing a podcast in my apartment that helps motivate me.

Last night, I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to try out as new web browsers.  Matt recommended Google Chrome to me, and my dad (literally a computer expert) said both browsers are superior to Internet Explorer.  I figured I’d try them both out and see which one – if either – I like better than Internet Explorer.  I started with Google Chrome, and I’m slowly getting the hang of it.  What browser do you use?  And any tips for using Mozilla and/or Google Chrome?


I woke up this morning at 5:50am, just at the sun was rising.  Lovely start to my day! 🙂

I decided to try out the new Kashi cereal for breakfast that I had bought at Whole Foods on Sunday – Simply Maize.


I topped off my cereal with unsweetened almond milk and an organic banana on the side.



When I first poured the almond milk in, I couldn’t believe how noisy the cereal was!  It was snap, crackle, and popping away!  Maybe it was the “snap, crackle, pop – Rice Krispies” already in my mind, but my first thought when trying the cereal was RICE KRISPIES.  I actually thought the cereal would be sweeter, being that it looks almost glazed, but it actually wasn’t very sweet at all.  In fact, the taste was a little plain and bland for me.  However, the texture was great and I loved how it stayed puffed and crunchy to the last spoonful. 

It wasn’t until after I finished the cereal that I was able to place the taste… CORN POPS!!!  Yup, this was basically a less sweet version of Kellogg’s Corn Pops.  It wasn’t the most satisfying or filling cereal either, so I’ll be curious to see how long it holds me over this morning.  Overall, it’s a good cereal and worth a try, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. 


I have a busy Tuesday ahead, and I am almost ready to head out the door to my Psychology Stats lab. Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!








I’m Addicted

April 4, 2011 at 7:20 pm | Posted in Dinner | 13 Comments
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But really…


Can you blame me?


Organic Baked Sweet Potato topped with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and MaraNatha organic raw almond butter with a glass of unsweetened almond milk.







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