Happy Bunny Day!

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Happy Easter (or Bunny Day, or Chocolate Day, or whatever the you want to call it if you don’t celebrate Winking smile) everyone!!!

My Easter is pretty much a normal, busy Sunday for me!  One fabulous thing I managed to fit in today was the first 6-mile walk out to Picnic Point of the year.  I seriously needed that to clear my mind, and I ended up sitting out on the peninsula by the water for a while and it was SO relaxing.  There’s very little wind today, which isn’t typical for Madison, it’s in the mid-50*F’s, and the sun is shining. PERFECT!


A few weeks ago I had bought some Millet Bread at the grocery store (FYI, it took me forever to make that arrow in Paint Winking smile).


I finally brought it out a few night ago and tried it out.



With Trader Joe’s Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter = BEYOND AMAZING!


Seriously, this bread is so good!!!  It has almost a buttery taste, and it dense, filling, and spongy in the best ways possible.  Totally worth checking out yourself!


This morning I got a lot accomplished in the way of another 10-page essay I’m working on for my Intro to Cultures of Asia class.  The essays are instead of finals/mid-terms, so I really can’t complain!  And it spaces all my studying out by having this class done before finals.  I got about 1/3 of the essay done by lunchtime!

When I took my lunch break, I put together a wrap with a Food for Life Brown Rice Tortilla, Tofurky, organic spinach, and organic mixed herb salad.


With sliced organic cucumbers, an activia light, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.



Right after lunch, I went out for my walk which was fabulous! Smile Now I’m headed out on my balcony to do some studying…


Love it when I can do that OUTSIDE!









My Inner 5-year-old

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Wooo-hooo it’s FRIDAY!!!  This week really did seem to fly by, mainly because I was so darn busy!  There’s no stopping me yet, and this weekend I have a lot of schoolwork and studying to get accomplished, as well as getting together with a friend tomorrow that I haven’t caught up with a while.  Have to find that work/play balance! 🙂

I “slept in” this morning until 6:15am; I’ve been getting up at 5:55am every morning this week and knew I needed that extra 20 minutes this morning.

Breakfast – Trader Joe’s Organic Golden Flax Cereal topped with unsweetened almond milk, with an organic banana on the side.


Caffeine boost!  Notice the OLD logo???  I think they’re just using the old ones up, but I have to admit I was happy to see this one back. 🙂


30 minutes of studying Statistics, then I headed to my Design Studies studio where I channeled my inner 5-year-old and got to play around with painting… mixing paints and painting itself to create a color wheel.  The class is surprisingly tough!  We have 2 lectures and 1 studio section each week where we actually make projects, as well as quite a few outside the studio projects to complete.

Here’s a couple of the projects I’ve done:



Fun, but a LOT of work!


Lunch Food for Life Gluten-free Tortilla topped with Tempeh, organic spinach, and organic romaine; with organic cucumbers, activia light, and unsweetened almond milk on the side.




One more Discussion this afternoon, then I’m ready to get my weekend in full swing! 🙂









Making My Way One Exam at a Time

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First off, THANK YOU everyone again for the wonderful birthday wishes!  It was a low-key day, but I loved it.  My oldest brother called me in the evening, and it was wonderful to chat with him.  We’re planning a brother-sister get-together as soon as my workload calms down! :) 

On that note, my “busiest week of college to date” is slowly lessening in intensity as I get through the mega-list of exams.  This morning I had an Environmental Geology exam that I think went decently well.  Sometimes it’s tough to know how you did on an exam right after taking it, and that’s how I felt with this one.  So we’ll just have to wait and see!

Before my exam, I had a breakfast of a bowl of Trader Joe’s Organic Golden Flax cereal topped with unsweetened almond milk with an organic banana on the side.




This was the first time I tried this cereal, and I must say that I really like it!  It seems to hold me over quite well too, which is always a bonus for a hectic college student’s life. 🙂

After breakfast, I taught an 8am Yoga class at the studio before heading out to my exam in the Geology building WAYYYYYY the heck out in the middle of nowhere on campus.  Seriously, the UW Madison campus IS the city of Madison.  I walk about 4 miles alone just getting to my classes!  I actually don’t mind it at all when the weather is nice, but when today’s temperatures are like this (the bottom one is outside)…


… I’d rather the building be a bit closer.


This afternoon I had a typical snack:  Synergy, organic kiwi, organic blackberries, and a Fage 0% Greek yogurt.


It’s been way too long since I’ve had blackberries.  SO good!

I’m taking an Intro to Buddhism class this semester, and this afternoon we literally meditated the entire class (1 hour and 15 minutes).  A certified meditation teacher came in and led the mediation, so it was actually a neat experience.  Although I’m a Yoga practitioner, I don’t normally meditate!  It was great to get a peek into another aspect of the practice.  Have you done any meditation before… on your own or with an instructor?

Tonight is another low-key evening… I’m heading to a Power Yoga class and hoping to get some more studying done!  I love Thursdays because we all know tomorrow is FRIIIIIDAYYYY! 😀









Sweet 19

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Yes, today is my 19th Birthday! 😀

This is also the busiest week of my college life as of yet.  I have 1 exam tomorrow, 2 exams on Monday, and a 10-page essay due on Tuesday.  Somehow Birthday + Insane College Workload don’t fit together all that well. 😉

That said, I’ve never been one to have big parties or hit the town all night, so I’m pretty satisfied with laying low-key and having a relaxing, productive birthday.  A friend texted me last night and is taking me out to get my version of a “birthday cake” – Starbucks – this afternoon, so it will be great just to catch up with him and take my mind off the stress of school!

My mom also sent me a beautiful card in the mail from her and my dad:


With lottery cards – my mom’s usual card stuffer. 😉


I actually won $2 on one of the cards!!!  Birthday luck I suppose! 🙂


My mom is also letting me pick out a few things from Lululemon when school calms down and I have time to enjoy a shopping trip to the Lululemon showroom in Madison.  LOVE Lululemon!!!



Now backing up to Yesterday

Breakfast – Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs topped with organic raw sunflower seeds and organic almond milk with an organic banana on the side.



It was DOWN POURING all day, and of course I don’t own a umbrella.  Therefore, walking 2 miles to my Geology class and 2 miles back left me DRIPPING wet!  I promptly went to Walgreens and amended my lack of umbrella after learning my lesson the hard way. 😉

Pre-afternoon classes snack:  Organic kiwi, organic pear, Trader Joe’s organic Greek yogurt, and a Gingerade Kombucha.


Post-classes COLORFUL snack:  Organic Blueberries, Organic baby carrots, Trader Joe’s Edamame, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.






Have a fabulous Wednesday (and my Birthday ;)) everyone!!!

Question:  Are you a “big party” type when it comes to birthdays?








Right on Track

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Last night was a busy end to my Spring Break, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Before getting started on my evening, I put together a quick classic for dinner since I wanted to try out the new bread and peanut butter I had bought at Trader Joe’s when I went shopping.

Oddly enough, I was surprised when I discovered the peanut butter was chunky.  You would have thought the jar would have given me a clue.  Way to be observant… 😉


I love chunky almost as much as smooth, so I was still in nut-butter heaven!



Two slices of Trader Joe’s Organic Honey Sweet Whole Wheat bread topped with Trader Joe’s Organic Chunky Peanut Butter, organic carrots, and a glass of unsweetened almond milk.



The bread was fantastic!  Loved the taste, and it was especially soft and chewy in the best way possible.  The peanut butter was decent, but I think the flavor was a little off.  I’ve had better, but there’s no question I’ll easily use it up!

After dinner, I got my Yoga-ness on!  I did a podcast myself, then headed to the studio to teach a Hot Power Flow class.  The Sunday night energy is always high, especially when you live in a college city like Madison!

If you follow me on Twitter, you heard my big news for this morning that I am now officially a Pre-Dietetic student at UW Madison.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m pursuing a double major in Dietetics and Communication Arts.  This is not an easy task given the tough load and time commitment that goes along with Dietetics, but I am taking two summer courses this summer to make sure I get everything completed in time to graduate in 4 years.

This morning I met with the Dean-on-call and submitted all the paperwork for my Dietetics program.  This is just the beginning, but it feels so good to have a clear goal and focus!


Hope everyone is off to a great start on their week!








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