What a Week!

June 2, 2011 at 8:26 am | Posted in Other | 21 Comments
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After an unforgettable and incredible week in Alabama with Matt, I’m back in action and blogging from my apartment in Madison!


Besides a few rough patches in regards to flying Delta Airline, don’t screw up a “first-time-flying-alone” traveler’s flight plans and send her through Detroit (aka my worst fear after a bad experience when I was younger) on a layover – I had one of the best weeks of my life!


Matt lived up to his reputation as a kick-ass cook and kept me well-fed the entire week.

Check out his posts on a some of my favorite meals:

Ice Cream and Pizza


Build Your Own Waffle


Build Your Own Omelet


Incredible, right?


We also made 3 stops to the Birmingham Whole Foods for their Hot and Cold Bars. 




Birmingham Whole Foods puts Madison Whole Foods to shame.  Seriously.


I’m not going to lie… Alabama isn’t the most exciting place to visit as far as sites to see and things to do, but just hanging out and spending time with Matt made it the perfect trip!  We did a lot of walking around, going to malls, watching movies, shopping, seeing the campus, and eating amazing foods.  I couldn’t have asked for a better week. Smile






Last night at 10:30pm, I arrived safe and sound back at my apartment in Madison.  It was SO hard to leave Matt in Alabama after having such an incredible week, and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a tough time saying goodbye to someone.  I can’t wait to do it all again sometime soon!

I didn’t get to bed until 1am with all the built up energy from the day and woke up at 6:15am this morning, so I have a feeling a crash is in the works for this afternoon. Winking smile  First thing’s first though… GROCERY SHOPPING! 


Hope everyone had a fabulous last week as well and can’t wait to catch up with all of you!









Travel Time

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In one hour a good friend will be picking me up to take me to the airport!

Bags are packed (this is going to be interesting getting around the airport):


Breakfast was served with a side of Sudafed (airplane ear) and Dramamine (motion sickness):


And now I’m sipping on my Starbucks caffeine before heading out! See you guys in one week! Smile








Summer Plans

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You know I’m traveling by plane when I…

… buy Big Red gum.


I realize this would probably makes sense to no one besides my immediate family who has traveled with me before.  My ears go through some pretty intense pain when taking off and landing (I’ve heard it called airplane ear before), so I chew Big Red gum during both times since it’s the most “chewy” gum I know of.  I actually haven’t had Big Red in 7 years – the last time I flew somewhere.  I also drink water and take Sudafed to prevent the pain, and it seemed to work well the last time I flew. 

… measure my one and only duffle bag to see if it fits the carry-on requirements.


I was 4 inches under!  Let’s just say I’m totally curious as to how I’m ever going to fit a week’s worth of packing in this thing.

… try to stuff as many 3oz bottles as I can into a quart-sized bag.


The bag on the right fit the most bottles in case you were curious. Winking smile


Trust me, there will be even more stuffed in here in a week.

… buy a non-electric toothbrush and holders, and disposable razors.


SO sad that electric toothbrushes aren’t travel-friendly.  I’m obsessed with mine!


So the real question… where am I going?

One week from today I’m heading to Alabama for a week to visit Matt.  Never actually thought I’d ever say I was going to Alabama, but life can throw some unexpected (and very good) plans at you sometimes.  I’ll be taking the week off from blogging during that time, so no need to call the police or anything if I’m MIA starting next week. Winking smile

I haven’t flown in 7 years, and that was with my family, so of course I didn’t pay any attention whatsoever to what we were doing.  Therefore, I’m a little nervous about flying, especially with a layover in Memphis, but I have a good friend dropping me off at the airport who I know wouldn’t leave me until I knew what I was comfortable with the whole airport situation. 

I’m the type of person who starts packing and preparing WAY ahead of time, so of course with flying in the mix, I wanted to get started early. 

Do you have any tips for flying?


My other plans for this summer aren’t nearly as interesting.  I’ll be taking 2 summer classes (a Comm Arts class and an Ed Psych class – both are 4 weeks long), and I’m still teaching 3 yoga classes a week.  Of course, if it ever warms up, I’ll be laying out in the sun and just enjoying getting outside! Smile

What are your summer plans?








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