A Walk in My World #2

April 6, 2011 at 6:40 pm | Posted in Exercise | 15 Comments
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I go for walks every single day.  They usually end up being about 4 miles and seriously are what keep me sane in my life.  I absolutely love walking – it gives me time to think, get outside, and feel mentally and physically amazing. 

In A Walk in My World (#1), I took you on a tour of the Madison area Bike Path that I walk on.  The other path I walk on is Lakeshore Path, which runs along the edge of Lake Mendota in Madison. 

The Lakeshore Path itself is about 1.75 miles, but from my apartment to the end of the path is 2 miles (4 miles going there and back).  Lakeshore Path connects with Picnic Point which is basically a peninsula that juts out into Lake Mendota.  Picnic Point is another 1 mile long, so when I walk the entire route, I end up walking 6 miles total. Got it? 😉

In the summer, a lot of times I’ll walk the full 6 miles with Picnic Point because I have the extra time and I just love being outside.  But when school is in session, I tend to just do the 4 miles of Lakeshore Path. 


Today was absolutely GORGEOUS weather-wise!  It started a little cold and rainy, but by noon the sun was shining and I was wearing only a hoodie to walk to class.  I decided to take my camera along with me to walk the Lakeshore Path this afternoon and show you what it’s all about…

The start (or end, depending on what way you’re going ;)).


Lake Mendota



The dark line of trees in the background that extends almost to the edge of the photo is the Picnic Point Peninsula.


Hitting the path.



A couple of the MANY UW Madison dorms.



The view.




I’m obviously in the right place… thank goodness! 😉


I chose the pavement – mud and puddles just aren’t my thing.



The sign shows bikers LEFT and walkers/runners RIGHT.  This gets violated way too often… personal safety people!




Woods on the way back.



Fabulous day, fabulous walk!

Hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek of the Lakeshore Path and A Walk in My World! 🙂








A Walk in My World

March 22, 2011 at 7:43 am | Posted in Exercise | 7 Comments
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I’m always mentioning how I “go for walks” around Madison, so I decided to take my camera along with me yesterday since it was a gorgeous Spring day and give you a sneak peek into one of my favorite paths to walk on.

I usually walk on one of two paths – Lakeshore Path that goes around Lake Mendota and takes you out to Picnic Point (this awesome peninsula that juts out into the Lake), OR the Bike Path which is literally a biking/walking/running path that goes all around Madison and the surrounding suburbs.

Yesterday’s walk was on the John Nolen section of the Bike Path that’s about 20 miles total.  No worries, I only walked about 4 miles of it… I do actually have a life. 😉

Making my way to the path… I have no idea who these people are, as well as all the other people you might see. 😉


On the path.


Camp Randall Stadium







On a bridge.


HELLOOO!!!!  Yes, this person I do know. 😀


Hope you enjoyed this exclusive “Walk in My World!” :)  Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!







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